The Price of Paradise

As I ventured into the post office the other day, I overheard a woman on her cell, "Yes, we live in paradise, definitely paradise around here."  I thought about that for awhile, as the sun shines bright and clear while friends in the midwest are under a winter storm watch with 5-10" of snow on the way.  I thought about not having to bundle up in the cold and fight the snow, about the beautiful view and weather I enjoy all the time.  But then I thought about the community of friends, family, volunteering, restaurants and gatherings that we left behind.  And then I really got to thinking about the strength of community.  Community creates bonds between people, it protects, shelters and loves.  Community adds a rainbow to life.

But, building a community takes time. Think about a community you belong to ~ how long did it take to build the bonds between the people in your community?  I feel it can take a lifetime to build a strong community around you.  I miss the community we built in the Midwest.  Sure, people tell me I'll adapt here ~ join a church, volunteer, get a job, join a group.  They say I'm friendly and outgoing so I'll have no problem meeting people.  But, I can be friendly all day and still not meet people that I like and relate to right away.  It takes time, but being new, I don't want it to take time, I want what I left behind.  I want my community to enjoy my paradise with me.  

So, I ask, is the price of living in paradise worth giving up a community?  I don't know, only time will tell, but until then my friends, appreciate and value your community, whatever it is and hold it close.

Many blessings from my paradise,

Mary Lynn