Sunset on the Prairie

As I walk the path in our prairie, capturing the best images to share with all of you, my heart aches. I find peace in this prairie, it is so good for my soul; a daily communing with God, nature and all things beautiful.  A quiet, peaceful solitude that my creative soul yearns for.  

 Photo by Prairie Grace Designs

Photo by Prairie Grace Designs

But, my heart aches because the time has come to say goodbye.  We are moving on ~ far, far from this native prairie we restored.  Opportunity knocks.  I'm melancholy, but I will find peace again in the surroundings of the Pacific West. It will be different, but no less beautiful, as I search for new vistas to share with you. My inspiration will now come from the majestic redwoods, the crash of the ocean waves and the aroma of the eucalyptus trees along route 1.  

Creating a different business model awaits me. Prairie Grace worked for me here, on the midwest prairie.  I was filled with inspiration from our prairie, but I didn't stretch and grow like I needed.  I became complacent. Now I look forward to taking my creativity in a new direction. I need to shake off the dust and spread my wings, taking the things I've learned here to new levels out west.  

Change is good for the soul, but pulling up roots and replanting them takes strength.  As my husband once said, "If the soil's not right, the roots don't take".  So, my friends, time to find new soil for my roots, and I promise to nurture them carefully. 

The sun may set on the prairie tonight, but it will rise again tomorrow.