A Meadowlark for the Journey

I spied a meadowlark today, such a pretty sight!  Growing up in a small town on the edge of the country, meadowlarks were a common sight.  Perched on fenceposts, the meadowlarks' singing reflected the quiet beauty of the surrounding pastures and prairies.  I loved spotting these birds on fenceposts while out walking or driving in the country, such a happy sight for me.

 Image is an OFO site photograph

Image is an OFO site photograph

In recent years, the meadowlark population has declined.  In seven years of restoring our prairie, I've never spotted even one meadowlark, so disappointing!   I thought our prairie was the perfect place for meadowlarks, so imagine my thrill today when I heard the joyous sounds of this lark and spied his bright yellow breast.  He was at the top of a fruit tree on the edge of the prairie, singing to his heart's content.  I ran for my binoculars so I could catch an up-close encounter with this favorite bird of mine.  I hope he stays.

Now, as I slowly work dismantling the personal affects of our house, readying it for staging and for sale, I will take time to pause and listen for the song of the meadowlark.  Maybe his song will bring quiet peace to soothe my soul.  Maybe this meadowlark will become a sought after symbol along the way.

Until tomorrow,

Mary Lynn