New beginnings

April 1st, April Fools's Day, first day of a new month, new quarter, new outlook, just in time for spring.  Today may be called many things, but I shall always think of the first day in April as  "April showers bring May flowers".  These showers can be viewed literally or figuratively, bringing physical rain or life's ups and downs of rain.  Some showers last longer than others, some are harder to endure, but rest assured, flowers will pop up in a glorious show of beauty after the rain.

From this rain comes change.  Freshness springs from the earth.  Color is everywhere, spirits soar under sparkling blue skies.  Hard to think of change as difficult, but it can be for many, as it is for me now.  Our lives are leading us to embark on a new journey, thousands of miles from what I have always known as "home".  Moving is change, but moving can mean growing and oh, how I need to grow.  

I've a need to chronicle this journey, so I'm starting my blog on this very first day of April, when "April showers bring May flowers".  I hope to bring you many flowers as I walk through the rain. As Chinese philosopher Lau-Tzu once said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".  This is my step...

Until tomorrow, 

Mary Lynn